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Welcome to DUKKAN

Logo_DUKKANWelcome to the DUKKAN website. DUKKANN is the new face of local retailing in Kuwait, where customers can buy food, household items and get special treats in a store that's fresh, convenient and friendly, pick up a coffee or fresh snack while they visit. DUKKAN stores are conveniently situated all over Kuwait, so you can visit them easily from home or work. Stop at a DUKKAN store today for a fun shopping experience, and don't forget to check out our latest promotions.

Special Offers

Aquafina Water
1.5L X 12

KD 0.695

Farm Frites French Fries
2.5 Kg

KD 0.990

Lite Life Corn Oil
1.8 X 2

KD 2.490

Special Offers

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